Well of Giving- Daily random reward

Found under Menu: Website Features

The Well of giving charging 1 dil, for a random gift. If the Well says that it sent/gave you something then you will get your reward in 1-10 minutes or instantly after relog in game. If starts to dare you or being troll means that you need to wait till next try. Visit it again in the next 24 hours for another freebie. The Well of Giving can give you almost everything from Return Scroll till D-Shop Pet.

Playtime Reward

What is Playtime reward?

Playtime reward is a Randombox that you aquire in game via Mailbox after every 100 online spent hours.

Where can I see my online spent time?

In your profile, at the character viewer. It's shows all the online spent hour since the character born.

What can I get from this playtime reward randombox?

  • Blacksmith's Talisman 18%
  • Artisan Blacksmith's Package
  • Blacksmith's Protector
  • Alchemist's Protector
  • Alchemist's Arrangement
  • DK- Coupon
  • Super Divine MP Potion (1000 EA)
  • Super Divine HP Potion (1000 EA)
  • Lucky Box

Do I need to be online for straight 100 hours to get it?

No. Every 5 minutes counts. So if you played today 1 hours, 39 minutes, after logout the booking may show 1 hours 35 minutes+.

I can't play so much, but I want them. How can I get more?

Dualclienting is a nice way since, the online time counter is monitoring your characters, not your account or IP. These Randomboxes are trade items.

If you go AFK or sleep if you can, let your computer running. Open shop with your characters, set them fishing so you can reach the maximum benefit of being online.

Don't forget that on Insomnia Dekaron, online players who opened the D-Shop before/voting getting extra D-Shop reward in Event form. This is always a sudden surprise, with random amount. With being online the most that you can, the more is your chance to take a part of this "cake".


Level up rewards

  • LVL 50:  Newbie Necklace (solo) -> 15K HP, 5K MP
  • LVL 100: Newbie Wings box (class) -> 1 week duration, same opts as Fafnir has, without PK shield and Crit.
  • LVL 150: +7 Set box (lvl 168+)
  • LVL 175: Golden Weapon box -> Same opts as Demonic or Ancient.
  • LVL 200: 100x Copper, Silver and Gold Argates; 100x Pass, Nium and Tatum Mavric.
  • LVL 150: 10x Hell DF Ticket, 10x Infinite Battle (East Ares) Ticket

Rank up rewards

  • Rank 5:   Artisan Blacksmith's Package
  • Rank 10:  Artisan Craftman's Package
  • Rank 15:  Ossuary of Alchemist
  • Rank 20:  Artisan Blacksmith's Package
  • Rank 25:  Artisan Craftman's Package
  • Rank 30:  Ossuary of Alchemist
  • Rank 35:  Artisan Blacksmith's Package
  • Rank 40:  Artisan Craftman's Package
  • Rank 45:  Ossuary of Alchemist
  • Rank 50:  Artisan Blacksmith's Package
  • Rank 55:  Artisan Craftman's Package
  • Rank 60:  Ossuary of Alchemist
  • Rank 65:  Artisan Blacksmith's Package
  • Rank 70:  Artisan Craftman's Package
  • Rank 75:  Ossuary of Alchemist
  • Rank 80:  Artisan Blacksmith's Package
  • Rank 85:  Artisan Craftman's Package
  • Rank 90:  Ossuary of Alchemist
  • Rank 95:  Artisan Blacksmith's Package
  • Rank 100: Blacksmith's Protector
  • Rank 105: Blacksmith's Protector
  • Rank 110: Blacksmith's Protector
  • Rank 115: Blacksmith's Protector
  • Rank 120: Blacksmith's Protector
  • Rank 125: Event DF Boosted Wings Box
  • Rank 130: 10x Blacksmith's Talisman
  • Rank 135: 10x Blacksmith's Talisman
  • Rank 140: 10x Blacksmith's Talisman
  • Rank 145: 10x Blacksmith's Talisman
  • Rank 148: 2000 D-Shop Coins