Insomnia Lottery

Insomnia Lottery is an in-game lucky game where you can win different prizes!

You can participate in 6 type of Lotteries every week:

  • 500 D-Shop Coins
  • 500 Dekaron Coins - (DK)-Coins
  • 500 Feather Coins
  • 5 Blacksmith's Talismans
  • 5 Craftman's Talismans
  • 1 Blacksmith Protector

Hint: You can have more tickets of the same type of Lotteries to increase your chance of win! Draw is on Every Saturday after Siege Battle!

If you win, you get your prize automaticly in mailbox after the Draw!
Good Luck Everyone!

  • Winners of the Latest Draw

  • 1 ANGRYLUNA lvl 250
  • Nobody participated yet in this Lottery Draw.