Playtime Reward

What is Playtime reward?

Playtime reward is a Randombox that you aquire in game via Mailbox after every 100 online spent hours.

Where can I see my online spent time?

In your profile, at the character viewer. It's shows all the online spent hour since the character born.

What can I get from this playtime reward randombox?

  • Blacksmith's Talisman 18%
  • Artisan Blacksmith's Package
  • Blacksmith's Protector
  • Alchemist's Protector
  • Alchemist's Arrangement
  • DK- Coupon
  • Super Divine MP Potion (1000 EA)
  • Super Divine HP Potion (1000 EA)
  • Lucky Box

Do I need to be online for straight 100 hours to get it?

No. Every 5 minutes counts. So if you played today 1 hours, 39 minutes, after logout the booking may show 1 hours 35 minutes+.

I can't play so much, but I want them. How can I get more?

  • Dualclienting is a nice way since, the online time counter is monitoring your characters, not your account or IP. These Randomboxes are trade items.
  • If you go AFK or sleep if you can, let your computer running. Open shop with your characters, set them fishing so you can reach the maximum benefit of being online.
  • Don't forget that on Insomnia Dekaron, online players who opened the D-Shop before/voting getting extra D-Shop reward in Event form. This is always a sudden surprise, with random amount. With being online the most that you can, the more is your chance to take a part of this "cake".