Our server's story

Once upon a time a gamer couple found a game, named Dekaron. They was very happy because they could play it a together, made new friends, some enemies, but always had fun.

They grinded in all of their freetime, whole days and nights, they had often dreamless weekends just to improve their weapons and sets.

Once that they got finally all, and were rich, after a big attack they loose some guildmembers, and they felt something is missing. No new achievements, no new adventures.

So they decided to join to that server's Staff so they can help with making better their place. But after a few months behind the curtains it wasn't fun anymore.

They got dissappointed when they found out the secrets, and felt horrible for supporting such a dirty community.

They had to wake up from their dream and face with the reality. They spent years on a rotting place that is plagued with corruption and they could not trust in nobody anymore, so they quit.

But they missed so much the game that they made an own, where no corrupt Staff can ruin the poor player's game.

Since Bacon, Shade and few others worked even more hard on the new server; the new hope, they named it Insomnia.

Insomnia is a place where you can chill out, relax, enjoy the game. This server is made with love for all people who simply loves to play.

The End