Solutions for almost every case.
First of all please check the System and Software Requirements, if doesen't help return to this page and seek for a solution that fits your case.

1., Dekaron.exe stopped working/closing

Step 1 ) Go to Computer > System Properties. This is what it should look like:

Step 2 ) Click Advance System settings on your left. And go to the Advanced tab.

Step 3 ) Under the performance, click Settings and go to Data Execute Prevention.
Tick on " Turn on DEP for all programs and services except those I select "

Step 4 ) Click add at the bottom and find your dekaron.exe. It will be at your bin folder.
This is what it should look like:

Step 5 ) Click Open and Apply. After PC restart should work fine now.

2., Did the 1st solution but If I hit "Start" on the launcher nothing happens.

Step 1) Go to your gamefolder, open it, then search for the bin folder. In this folder search for dekaron.exe

Step 2) Right-click on the dekaron.exe then go to Properties.

Step 3) In the Window that Opened Select Compatibility Tab.

Step 4-5) Check Run this program in compatibility mode for. Change Compatibility Mode to Windows XP SP2-3 or Vista. If you are not sure you can try out the Windows Compatibility solutions feature.

Step 6) On the same Window and tab seek for Privileges. Then Check Run always as Admin and Apply.

3., Step 1 and 2 didn't solve my Problem. Dekaron still not running/closing.

In this case your antivirus program or Windows Firewall blocks Dekaron.exe.

-If you have Avast! Uninstall it with all of it's components, because you cannot turn it off completely and adding the exe to the exceptions not working. Restart your PC after you done with it then try again.

-For most of the Antivirus programs you can turn it off, or add the game to the Exceptions list simply.

Turn Off Windows firewall and add to the Exceptions the dekaron.exe. Restart your computer and try again.

4., Still don't want to run/ Running but the Screen is like cut etc.

In this case you might have problem with the basic Game resolution.

Step 1) Search up again the bin folder, and open the option.

Step 2) Search for display in the list.

Step 3) Right-click on your desktop then click on Screen Resolution or go to properties and find it there. You will see your current resolution.

Step 4) Replace the Resolution datas with yours in the option.txt next to display line.

After save and close it's should be fine now.

5., The texts, letters and numbers are fuzzy, can't read it normally.

Check your graphics card configuration for a setting called "Texture Quality/Preference" or something similar. This may or may not be under the 3D settings. Once you find it, you will probably be able to switch it between high performance and high quality. Set it to high quality and the text should render correctly. Also, try running the game in Administrator mode.

These are the most Common problems. For more Help contact to our Staff and we will try to help