Well of Giving

On the top right corner of this picture theres a select character button. Click then Select your character that you want the reward on. It will appear next to the well on the picture.
Click on your char, hold the mouse's button and start drag/pull the coin to the well. Then "drop it in the well" (release the mouse's button) This is the so called Drag and Drop method!
The Well of giving charging 1 dil, for a random gift. If the Well says that it sent/gave you something then you will get your reward in 1-10 minutes or instantly after relog in game. If starts to dare you or being troll means that you need to wait till next try.
Visit it again in the next 24 hours for another freebie.
The Well of Giving can give you almost everything from Return Scroll till D-Shop Pet.

Insomnia Dekaron's Marketplace!

Here you can buy and sell EVERYTHING in SAFE! Yes! Even Binding items, D-Shop items etc.

What is this?

This is our online platform for players who want to shop offline, and want to make trades without being scammed.

Example: You want to buy/sell a costume, you dont need anymore Middle Man, forget the stress, video records, and annoying bargaining! Cool right?

How to Sell:

  1. Log totally out from game!
  2. Login with your account on website!
  3. Go to the Market
  4. Choose a category from the above. Depends on what you have to sell.
  5. Select your character that has the item.
  6. Click on sell
  7. Search the item you want to sell and click the little Sell button on it.
  8. Select item type (helmet, weapon)
  9. Set your price!
  10. Click okay when Transaction was successfull.
  11. Once that somebody buy it, the price will arrive automaticly via Mailbox in game.

Once you put up an item for sale, it's being removed from your inventory. To take it back be offline (logged out from game) click on "My Saleable Items" then on "take back". The item will arrive in Mailbox after you login again in game. But you wont get back your D-Shop coins so think twice!

If you sold something the price arrives via Mailbox ingame.

NOTICE: Every Sale costs 5 D-Shop coins.

How to Buy:

  1. Log totally out from game!
  2. Login with your account on website!
  3. Go to the Market
  4. Choose a category from the above. Depends on what you have to buy.
  5. Select your character that has the price in it's INVENTORY (important).
  6. Click on Buy.
  7. The website asks if you are sure. If you are Click on okay.
  8. Login ingame and check your Mailbox!

Tips for Safe trades:

If the seller in game forcing you to make regular risky trade at non-tradeable item deal, better not to make the trade. If they say, hey but it's 5 D-Shop coins! Then say, I pay you + DK-Coins or say it's 1 Vote. Simple things can save your precious things. Never forget: The Mails after 30 days deleted automaticly, so better not forget about them.

The Insomnia Raffle Game starts/ends every Sunday at 20:00 (GMT+1) Servertime.

How to play: If you are interested in the following item(s) just click on one or more of the not-yet sold tickets next to the item picture. Note: This is a Lottery like game, we recommend you to NOT to buy all the tickets, because its equal to the in-game D-Shop purchase.

Simple maths! Buy one or two tickets and if Fortune is with you, you can get the item for really cheap!

Good Luck!